• Jackie Hess

Hot Oils

Essential oils are so amazing! But here's a little warning, some of them are consider hot. If you are brand new to essential oils you will want to take note of oils that will need to be diluted for adults and heavy diluted for kids. Listed below are the single oils that can be "hot". The image does not list the blends that some of these oils can be found in.

Use caution with OnGuard, Breathe, DigestZen, Deep Blue, and Slim and Sassy. These will have one or more of the single oils in them.

Please use common sense. The fastest way to turn someone off to all the amazing benefits of essential oils is to burn them when you are trying to help them.

Pro Tip- Always keep fractionated coconut oil (FCO) handy! I keep a bottle of FCO in my office, bedroom, kitchen and a rollerball of FCO in my purse. Oil take oil off. So if you ever find your self in a pinch with a hot oil grab your FCO and rub it off. Water does NOT work to take oil off, if fact, it only makes it worse by driving it into the skin.

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