• Jackie Hess

Grounding Yourself

Sand on my hands and feet, there's no better place than to be grounding at the beach! Being at the beach was just what my soul was calling me to do, be still and get grounded!

Let's talk about grounding yourself/you energy!! Every one on planet Earth needs to be regularly grounding their energy. Sometimes or more like several times a day our energy can feel scattered or very low. When this happens the easiest way to fix it is going outside bare feet in grass or sand, water and using essential oils!

Being outside bare feet helps ground your energy to Mother Earth and you will start to feel your breath and body slow way down. Start by walking outside in fluffy grass or soft sand. Have a seat and place both your hands and feet on the ground as long as you. Take some slow deep breaths. Sometimes I will also bring a journal to brain dump all my worries and "to-dos" on paper. This also helps clear the mind.

Water is one of the faster ways to shift energy. When I was having a panic attack about two years ago the only thing I could do was get in the shower. I wasn't going to get dress, go outside, or frankly I couldn't even think of essential oils, tea, or food. If you ever get in this situation I suggest getting in a tub of water or in the shower and let the water do her magic! Have a good cry if you need, water moving over your skin and moving inside the body helps move your chi or energy. I also recommend drinking 16oz of filter water when your feeling overwhelmed, stressed or frazzled.

Essential oils move energy the fastest. As long as the essential oils are therapeutic grade you will have no problem getting out of a funk and grounding your energy within a matter of 30 second to 2 minutes.

My favorite oils to fix my energy and get grounded are Tea Tree and Balance or any wood oil. Place tea tree on the inside of your wrist and behind your ears, use carrier oil if your sentive. Next, place Balance or any wood oil on the bottoms of your feet. While applying these oils take a few seconds to breathe in the aroma! By using them topically and aromatically you will start to rewire the energy and the brain to calm down and relax!!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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