• Jackie Hess

Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep is vital for your over all health. The picture below is my "must haves" for sleep. I love diffusing every night in all the rooms. This practice sets the mood and triggers the brain for sleep.

Thyme and Breathe are a perfect duo for anyone going to bed under the weather and not feeling their best. Two drops each with a splash of lemon will help ease the airways and open up the lungs for some deep breathing and deep sleeping!

Lavender, Juniper Berry, and Cedar-wood is a gentle combo for the nursery to help little ones sleep soundly! A swipe of juniper berry on the forehead or behind the ears helps keep the night mares at bay! 1-2 drops each in the diffuser is all you need!

Serenity by itself is amazing but can be jazzed up by adding any wood or resin like Copaiba, Frankincense, Cedar-wood, or Vetiver. Let Serenity be the star by adding 2-3 drops and only 1-2 drops of the wood!

Now, for those of you who have a really hard time with sleep here's my secret combo that works on most people!

1. Apply vetiver to the bottom of the big toes to help relax the brain. If your and over thinker Basil applied with vetiver will help turn off the chatter in the brain.

2. Copaiba goes under tongue or down the spine along with Frankincense. You may also take 1-2 Copaiba soft gels internally instead of placing the oil under the tongue.

3. Serenity may be applied to bottoms of feet and upper chest with some fractioned coconut oil. The Serenity softgels are also beneficial at night to calm the mind and body. Take as directed on bottle 1-2 internally 30 minutes -1 hour before bed!

Diffuse- Serenity-3, Vetiver-1 and Wild Orange-2

Please remember that screen time will effect the brains and it's ability to sleep. So turn of that phone, TV, and computer at least one hour before bed. Try some gentle stretching, breathing, praying or meditating before bed will also help relax the mind and prepare that body for deep sleep.

Happy Sleeping!

P.S. I would be happy to provide you with a sleep consultations after you have tried a few of the suggestions with out success. Some people will require some random oils for sleep if sleep has be a chronic issue. Find my calendly link here!

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