• Jackie Hess

Dilution Made Easy

Dilution can feel tricky. But it doesn't have to be. Here you will find two images. The first one is a brief overview. The second image is to better explain the percentage of dilution and who you would be using them for!

Essential Oils are very potent, concentrated forms of plant medicine. To safely apply oils to the skin dilution is recommended even for oil considered "neat". When I am teaching new friends about dilution I like to focus on 3 reasons why we would dilute!

1. Dilute essential oils to prevent irritation on the skin.

2. Using a carrier oils such as FCO will help the skin absorb the oils by giving it a bigger surface area.

3. It's cost effective. 1-2 drops per application is a great place to start! Less can be more in this situation!

Remember- Use your pre-diluted rollerballs when possible or keep any carrier oil on hand to dilute when needed!

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